Still of the gay short film L'étoile featuring Marius Jacquot and Olkan Servellera
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Watch the gay short film L’étoile

L’étoile tells the story of two lovers who meet under a tree recalling their past relationship. However, they still seem to be in love with each other.

Christian Malheiros and Tales Ordakji in the gay film Socrates
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Alexandre Moratto’s debut film Socrates is available soon (in the UK)

Coming Agustus 21st, Alexandre Moratto’s debut feature film Socrates will be released in the United Kingdom by Peccadillo Pictures. It’s coming to streaming services and virtual cinemas. Socrates tells the story of the 15-year-old Socrates who lives on the margins of São Paulo’s coast. After his mother’s sudden death, he must survive on his own. As he faces isolation because of his sexuality, his search for a decent, worthy life…