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Still of Tom Heard singing Pretty Lies in the upcoming film Getting It

Getting It, Tom Heard’s new romantic comedy, is available to rent on July 14th, 2020. The film tells the story of Jamie and Ben. Jamie, a talented cabaret singer, is recovering from a breakup with his romantic and artistic partner. Ben is a young poet struggling with the death of his mother. When the two connect at a neighbourhood party, the hardened souls begin to heal, but can people ever really change?

The film’s main characters Jamie and Ben are played by Tom Heard and Donato De Luca. It also includes Sharron Bower (as Elaine), Lesley Pedersen (as Alicia), Jason Graf (as Luke), Adrian Laguette (as Linus), Luke Hill (as Patrick), Rob Kaczmarek (as David), Laura Galt (as Sunny) among others.

Watch the trailer/rent Getting It

Below you’re able to watch the trailer.

Getting It (2020) Official Trailer | Breaking Glass Pictures Movies

Starting July 14th, you’re probably able to buy, rent or watch the film at the following stores: (rent/buy – the USA only)
Vimeo on Demand (rent/buy – The USA and Canada only)

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Photo source: Breaking Glass Pictures / Tom Heard / Tom Heard’s Facebook page / DreamGrabber Films.

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