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Dawson Montoya in the gay film Ruben's Place

Ruben’s Place is a gay feature film by Samuel Vasquez. It gives you an insight into the life of a young man named Ruben. He reconnects with his boyhood friend Jimmy after he starts working for his uncle Vic.

The film’s main characters, Ruben and Jimmy, are played by Dawson Montoya and Jason Lieu. The cast also includes David Klein, Ray Renati, Solana Crawford, Ulises Toledo, Suzzane Mathews, Larian Ring, Nick Crispen, Vint Carmona, Heywood McGuffee, Debbie Matlie and Emile Hons.

Watch Ruben’s Place

Below you’re able to watch Samuel Vasquez’ film. If you have trouble hearing the dialogue, it is suggested you turn on the subtitles and/or use headphones. Alternatively, you’re able to watch the film on Vimeo here.

Rubens Place – Gay Film – About a young man reconnecting with his boyhood friend.

Photo source: Samuel Vasquez / Stagelight Productions / Samuel Vasquez’ YouTube channel.

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