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Still of Robert Maddens gay film Undefeated

Undefeated is a fictional gay film by Robert Madden. The film centres around the story of a young male boxer who finds himself on a sporting journey with the goal of changing societal stereotypes. Tristan is a boxer from Ireland. His dream is to become a professional boxer. In striving for this goal, he learns so much more though about the society around him as well as himself.

The film’s main character, Tristan, is played by Maxim Trigub. The film also includes Aston Burke Flynn (as Jack), Mandy Irving (as Mum), Conor Quinn (as Tristan’s Coach), Darcy Elizabeth Mullen (as Rebecca), Mo Dahchan (as Malokhev) among others.

Watch Undefeated

Below you’re able to watch Robert Madden’s fictional film.

UNDEFEATED ¦ Award Winning Irish Gay Film 2020

Photo source: Robert Madden / Robert Madden’s YouTube channel.

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