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Nicholas Downs and Drew Canan in the gay short film Honey Do List

The short film Honey Do List by Nicholas Downs is now available on Dekkoo. It’s the second film of The Handyman trilogy and it’s Nicholas Downs’ directorial debut.

The film tells the story of Walter Middleton. His honey do list piles up and his boyfriend Frank is too busy to do the fixes. When the to-do list too big for his taste, Walter decides to hire a new sexy handyman. But this handyman arrives with an agenda that isn’t exactly on Walter’s fix-it list. Can Walter resist this new temptation? Watch the short film to find out!

The film includes Nicholas Downs (as Walter Middleton), Derek Ocampo (as Frank) and Drew Canan (as Dirk “The New Handyman”). Work on the third film already started!

Watch the trailer/rent Honey Do List

Below you’re able to watch the trailer of Nicholas Downs’ short film.

Honey Do List Trailer

You’re also able to buy, rent or watch the film at the following stores: (the film is included in Dekkoo on Amazon – the UK only) (the film is included in Dekkoo on Amazon – the USA only)
Dekkoo (the film is included in their subscription service)

Production stills

Below you’re able to see five production stills made during the creation of Nicholas Downs’ directional debut.

Note: if you haven’t watched the prequel The Handy Man yet, I highly recommend watching it before watching Honey Do List. You’re able to watch the trailer here and the film on Dekkoo.

Photo source: Nicholas Downs / Nicholas Downs on Vimeo.

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