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Still of the French film Sur le départ (Here and There)

The French coming of age film Sur le départ (English title: Here and There) by Michaël Dacheux is available now. NQV Media made the film available worldwide for everyone to watch. The film tells the story of Clarinet and Piano. One summer evening in a small town in France, the two teenage boys, say goodbye. For twelve years, they rejoin each other at irregular intervals in the same town, discussing their ambitions as they drift apart.

The film is a delicate exploration of the eager aspirations of two young men, wise beyond their years yet still innocent in their experience.

The film’s main characters, Clarinette and Piano, are played by Adrien Dantou and César Domboy. The cast also includes Christine Leroy (as Cor), Elise Lhomeau (as Violon), Théo Ribeton (as Basson) among others.

Watch the trailer/rent Sur le départ

Below you’re able to watch the trailer.

HERE AND THERE (Sur le départ) – Trailer – French Coming of Age movie

You’re also able to buy, rent or watch the film at the following stores: (rente/buy – the UK only) (rent/buy – the USA only)
Vimeo on Demand (rent/buy – available worldwide)

NOTE: the film includes English subtitles for everyone who does not speak English.

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Photo source: NQV Media.

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