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Brandon Harris and Julian Brand in the gay short film STAY

STAY is a gay short film by the American director Brandon Zuck. It tells the story of Ash, a kid from the grungier side of Florida. He’s a bit of a loner, and would probably be living in his car if only he could afford one. In order to make some quick cash, he accepts a shady job from the friend of a friend: delivering a suitcase to the Florida Keys. All he has to do is drive it down to a houseboat docked somewhere private, and wait for the handoff.  There are only two rules: don’t open the bag, and don’t get pulled over. But when Ash gets handed the keys to a slick car, he gets a dangerous idea… 

He decides to invite his ex-boyfriend, Jacks, along for the ride- thinking that he might be impressed by the weekend getaway.  Ash never mentions the real reason for the trip, but it doesn’t take long for Jacks to start putting the pieces together.

All Ash wanted was a chance at happiness, but Jacks has bigger plans. And when these two misfits come together, everything else falls apart.

The film’s main characters Ash and Jacks are played by Brandon Harris and Julian Brand.

Watch the short film STAY

Below you’re able to watch Brandon Zuck’s gay short film STAY.

STAY // gay short film

Photo source: / Brandon Zuck.

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