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Thomas Coumans and Adrien Desbons in the French short film Chaleur Humaine

Chaleur Humaine (English translation: Human Warmth) is an 11-minute gay short film by Christophe Predari. It tells the story of Antoine. He has a desire. His passion and his love of Bruno are so overwhelming that he has to stay close to him. He loves his warmth and he needs it. But as with any relationship, soon comes the time of detachment and what will happen if Antoine’s body stops responding? Watch the short film to find out!

The film is part of the twelfth instalment (Boys on Film 12: Confession) of Peccadillo Pictures’ series of collections of short gay films from around the world, Boys on Film. You’re able to rent Boys on Film 12 here.

The film’s main characters are played by Thomas Coumans and Adrien Desbons.

About the publisher: Peccadillo Pictures

The film is released on YouTube by Peccadillo Pictures. Peccadillo Pictures is a UK-based distributor of features and short films. The films celebrate being different – be it about sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age or even eccentricity.

Watch Chaleur Humaine

Below you’re able to watch Christophe Predari’s short film. The film includes English subtitles for everyone who doesn’t speak French.

GAY SHORT FILM – Wild Nature

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Photo source: Christophe Predari / Peccadillo Pictures / Peccadillo Pictures’ YouTube channel.

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