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Jake Robbins in the gay short film Home From the Gym

Home From the Gym is a gay short film and the directional debut of Robert Hawk. The film places the male form front and centre. An unnamed, sexy man, comes home alone and starts to undress…

The film is part of the twelfth instalment (Boys on Film 12: Confessions) of Peccadillo Pictures’ series of collections of short gay films from around the world, Boys on Film. You’re able to rent Boys on Film 12 here.

The film features Jake Robbins as the male coming home from the gym. In the end of the film, it’s revealed that the film is based on Jake Robbins’ own experience. Every time he gets back from the gym he struggles to get his clothes off for about 5 minutes. When his clothes are off, he sits on his couch naked for about 10 minutes.

Watch Home From the Gym

Below you’re able to watch Robert Hawk’s short film.

Home From the Gym — Gay Short Film

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Photo source: ASPD Films / ASPD Film’s YouTube channel.

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