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Jholl Bauer and Kyel Lima in Mais ou Menos

Mais ou Menos (English title: More or Less) is a 2010-Brasilian short film by Alexander Antunes Siqueira. Nearly ten years after the film’s debut, the film is now available to watch for free.

Mais ou Menos tells the story of Ivo and Sandro. They study together at a college in Florianópolis and maintain a troubled relationship (a case of bullying that seems to have no solution). When Ivo and Sandro have an unexpected encounter, it changes their relationship completely.

The film’s main characters, Ivo and Sandro, are played by Jholl Bauer and Kyel Lima. The cast also includes Luiza Rossi, Gringo Starr, Édio Nunes, Carlos Gean, Luana Amorim, Adriano Bogo, Melissa D’Ávila, Xande Lima and Henrique Machado JR.

Watch Mais ou Menos

Below you’re able to watch Alexander Antunes Siqueira’s short film about bullying and homophobia among teenagers in a Brasilian High School.


Photo source: Alexander Antunes Siqueira / The film’s Facebook page.

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