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Oscar Claveía and Dereck Garner in the gay short film Sin Ruta (Without Direction)

Sin Ruta (English translation: Without Direction) is a 20-minute short film by Luis Fernando Midence. The film tells the story of a gay musician from the southeastern region of Guatemala, who longs to go to America. On his way to Mexico, he is brutally attacked by a group of men who discover he’s gay and he ends up in the hospital of a small town. In this small town’s hospital, he meets an American doctor who is hiding from US authorities in Guatemala after accidentally killing one of his patients.

The film’s main characters Teodoro Ramírez and Dr Ray Blanning are played by Oscar Claveía and Dereck Garner. The cast also includes Guillermo Galindo, Annalice González, José Oliva, Juan Pablo Terreaux, Ricardo Díaz Pappa, Joaquín Hernández among others.

The film is published by GuatGuy Producciones. GuatGuy Producciones is a media company established in Guatemala in 2011 by Luis Fernando Midence. It’s known for multiple films like Primero, Verdadero, Ultimo, One on One and Las Cosas Que No Decimos.

Watch Sin Ruta

Below you’re able to watch the short film on illegal migration. The Spanish-language film includes English subtitles.

Sin Ruta (gay-themed short film) [subtítulos en español]

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Photo source: GuatGuy Producciones / GuatGuy Producciones’ Facebook page.

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