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Scene of the gay short film Uitgesproken (Caged)

Uitgesproken (English translation: Caged) is a Dutch gay short film by Dylan and Lazlo Tonk. It tells the story of the friends Niels en David. When one of them comes out to the other, the film tackles the question ‘How would you react if you discovered your best friend was gay?’. Will he stand up for his best friend or not? Watch the short film to find out!

The film is part of the thirteenth instalment (Boys on Film 13: Trick & Treat) of Peccadillo Pictures’ series of collections of short gay films from around the world, Boys on Film. You’re able to rent Boys on Film 13 here.

The film’s main character Niels and David are played by Josha Stradowski and Joël Mellenberg. The cast also includes Yldau de Boer (as Stella), Leendert de Ridder (as Tim), Florius Hoogslag (Bas), Rosa van Iterson (as Angela), Anouar Ennali (as Soufian) and Pol Bughly (as Patrick).

About the publisher: Peccadillo Pictures

The film is released on YouTube by Peccadillo Pictures. Peccadillo Pictures is a UK-based distributor of features and short films. The films celebrate being different – be it about sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age or even eccentricity.

Watch Uitgesproken (Caged)

Below you’re able to watch Dylan and Lazlo Tonk’s short film. The film includes English subtitles for everyone who doesn’t speak Dutch.

GAY SHORT FILM – Standing up for your Best Friend

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Photo source: Dylan and Lazlo Tonk / Peccadillo Pictures / Peccadillo Pictures’ YouTube channel.

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