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Still of the gay and lesbian short film We Need To Talk featuring César Durán

We Need To Talk (German title: Wir müssen reden) is a gay and lesbian short film by Jamie Cortez. It tells the story of Mateo and Victoria. They are a young Salvadorian straight couple like any other. Despite being in love, each one feels an inexplicable sentimental emptiness. The answer to that void will be discovered at Diego’s birthday party, where the course of their lives will change and a kiss will mark the history of both.

The film’s main characters, Mateo and Victoria, are played by César Durán and Giselle Calderón. The cast also includes Obed Landaverde (as Mauricio), Jeanet RodrÍguez (as Verónica), Walberto Galego (as Diego), Metzi Martel (as Mateo’s Mother), Tatiana Trejo (as Victoria’s Mother) among others.

The film is published on YouTube with the permission of Jaime Cortez by queerblick. queerblick is a media project from and for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans adolescents and young adults. They want to support people during their coming-out and raise the attention to queer lifestyles. Visit their website for more information.

Watch We Need To Talk

Below you’re able to watch Jamie Cortez’ gay and lesbian short film. Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles if you don’t speak Spanish.

WE NEED TO TALK – gay & lesbian short film

Photo source: Jamie Cortez / queerblick e.V. / queerblick’s YouTube channel.

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