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Promotional photo of the gay short film Alaska Is A Drag

Alaska Is A Drag is a gay short film by Shaz Bennett. The film tells the story of the unique and outspoken Leo. He stands out from the crowd that he finds himself in through no fault of his own. This isn’t ideal when working in a small fish cannery in Alaska. His dreams of leaving this small town appear impossible until a new boy starts to work at the cannery and sees Leo for the international superstar he was destined to be.

The film is part of the eleventh instalment (Boys on Film 11: We Are Animals) of Peccadillo Pictures’ series of collections of short gay films from around the world, Boys on Film. You’re able to rent Boys on Film 11 here.

The film’s main character, Leo, is played by Martin L. Washington, Jr. The cast also includes Spencer Broschard (as Declan), Barret Lewis (as Kyle), Bernard Addison (as Manager), Jason Jaworski (as Drunk Guy), Jill Morley (as Boozy Bartender), Sonya Karels and Natalia Nunn (as Pregnant Girlfriends) among others.

Watch Alaska Is A Drag

Below you’re able to watch Shaz Bennett’s short film.

GAY SHORT FILM – Revenge is Sweet!

Note: you’re able to watch more films included in Peccadillo Pictures’ series Boys on Film here.

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