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Still of the gay short film L'étoile featuring Marius Jacquot and Olkan Servellera

L’étoile (English translation: The Star) is a French gay short film by Olkan Servellera. It tells the story of two lovers who meet under a tree recalling their past relationship. However, they still seem to be in love with each other. This is why one question remains: “Why did you separate?”.

The film includes Marius Jacquot (as Florant), Olkan Servellera (as Odillon), Léa Lopez (as Amanda) and Alexia Chardard (as Jessica).

Watch L’étoile

Below you’re able to watch Olkan Servellera’s short film. Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles if you don’t speak French.

L’étoile – film d’Olkan Servellera (ENG SUB)

Photo source: Olkan Servellera / Adagio Films’s official website ( / Adagio Films.

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