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Thiago Aguiar and Felipe Morais in the gay short film Enquanto Ainda é Tempo (While There Is Still Time)

While There Is Still Time (Original Portuguese title: Enquanto Ainda é Tempo) is a gay short film by Leandro Wenceslau. It tells the story of Lucas and Caio when they are almost done with school. As friends, they are inseparable and experience the best moments of their lives together. However, this is looming to change because Caio is going to move from Brasil to Germany. In light of their separation, the true feelings between them become visible. Watch the short film to find out what happens next!

The film’s main characters, Lucas and Caio, are played by Thiago Aguiar and Felipe Morais. The cast also includes Adrilene Nunes and Gabriel Castro.

The film is published on YouTube with the permission of Leandro Wenceslau by queerblick. queerblick is a media project from and for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans adolescents and young adults. They want to support people during their coming-out and raise the attention to queer lifestyles. Visit their website for more information.

Watch While There Is Still Time

Below you’re able to watch Leandro Wenceslau’ short film. Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles if you don’t speak Portuguese. Subtitles are also available in numerous other languages like French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME – gay short film

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Photo source: queerblick e.V. / queerblick’s YouTube channel / Leandro Wenceslau / Estalo Criativo.

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