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Sachin Sharma and Daniel K in Ishq Mushq

Ishq Mushq is a 37-minute gay short film by Divyadhish Chandra Tilkhan. The film’s story is about the situation arising out of the orthodox thinking of society, where a person does not have the freedom to choose his or her own partner. On the one hand, the world talks of ideological freedom in the 21st century and on the other we still see gay relationships with other eyes.

Inspired on a true incident, the film depicts the story of Rashid and Feroz one of the many couples who are still hiding their love from society. But the truth is that love can never be hidden…

The main characters of Ishq Mushq Rashid and Feroz are played by Sachin Sharma and Daniel K. The cast also includes Annie Rose, Farzana and Govind Sagar.

Watch Ishq Mushq

Below you’re able to watch Divyadhish Chandra Tilkhan’s short film. The film includes English subtitles.

Ishq Mushq I Short Film I 2020

Photo source: WAO Films / WAO Films’ YouTube Channel.

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