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Still of the comedic short film Sahi Pakde Hain

Sahi Pakde Hain is an Indian fictional comedic short film about homophobia by Annie Rose which was filmed directly after the lockdown was over. It tells the story of Sachin and Danish. They lived openly in the city, but one day Sachin’s brother and his wife come to see if something is going on between Sachin and Danish. Watch the short film to find out what happens next.

The film stars Annie Rose, Simpu Sengar, Abhishek and Saalim Siddiqui. it’s Simpu Sengar (who is a web designer by profession) and Abhishek (who is a well-known male model) screen debut.

Watch Sahi Pakde Hain

Below you’re able to watch Annie Rose’ short film. The film includes English subtitles for everyone who does not speak Hindi.

Sahi Pakde hain I सही पकड़े हैं I Comedy Short Film I Homophobia

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Photo source: WAO Films / WAO Films’ YouTube Channel.

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