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Marel Ramírez in the short film Te Toca

Te Toca (English translation: Your Turn) is an 11-minute gay short film Luis Fernando Midence. The film recounts Santiago’s internal conflict in wanting to reveal something personal to his best friends and discovers that they themselves carry a lot of discrimination towards people with HIV. Between being able to accept his diagnosis and seek the acceptance of people around him, Santiago will challenge the prejudices of his friends and the audience.

The film’s main character Santiago is played by Marel Ramírez. The cast also includes Diego Sierra (as Carlos), Luis Vargas (as Pablo), Xiomara González (Lucía) and Xiomara González (as Andrea).

Watch Te Toca

Below you’re able to watch Luis Fernando Midence’s short film. Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles if you don’t speak Spanish.

Te Toca (gay-themed short film) #HistoriasDiversas

About GuatGuy Producciones

The films triology Primero-Verdadero-Último is created and published by GuatGuy Producciones. GuatGuy Producciones is a media company established in Guatemala in 2011 by Luis Fernando Midence. It’s known for multiple films like Primero, Verdadero, Ultimo, One on One, Sin Ruta and Las Cosas Que No Decimos.

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Photo source: GuatGuy Producciones / GuatGuy Producciones’ YouTube channel.

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