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Still of the gay short film trilogy Primero-Verdadero-Último

Primero-Verdadero-Último (English translation: First-True-Last) is a short film trilogy by Luis Fernando Midence. It centres around three relationships between men in a country without any rights for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Watch Primero

Primero (English translation: First) is an 8-minute short film that tells the story of two teenage boys who don’t fit in their school and randomly meet at a birthday party.

Below you’re able to watch Primero (including English subtitles).

“Primero” (cortometraje gay) (1/3)

Watch Verdadero

Verdadero (English translation: True) is a 14-minute short film that tells the story of Alejadro. When he decides to attend the wedding of his ex-boyfriend Jorge he discovers that Jorge’s future husband hides a secret.

Below you’re able to watch Verdadero (including English subtitles).

“Verdadero” (cortometraje gay) (2/3)

Watch Último

Último (English translation: Last) is an 11-minute short film. It tells the tragic story of a seven-year-long closeted relationship which is the result of not being honest with each other and their families.

Below you’re able to watch Último (including English subtitles).

“Último” (cortometraje gay) (3/3)

About GuatGuy Producciones

The films triology Primero-Verdadero-Último is created and published by GuatGuy Producciones. GuatGuy Producciones is a media company established in Guatemala in 2011 by Luis Fernando Midence. It’s known for multiple films like Primero, Verdadero, Ultimo, One on One, Sin Ruta and Las Cosas Que No Decimos.

Watch more films by Luis Fernando Midence here.

Photo source: GuatGuy Producciones / GuatGuy Producciones’ YouTube channel.

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