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Still of the gay short film Triple Standard

Triple Standard is a 2013-gay short film by Branden Blinn. It tells the story of a homophobic ex-professional athlete who is forced to face the reality that he himself is gay.

The film’s main characters are played by Lee Amir-Cohen and William Jennings. The cast also includes Ronnie Prouty, Steve Alderfer, Jay Ellis, Dylan Mooney, Justin Naughten, Michael Williams, Jontae Vinson, Ramall Goodrich and Jacob Hibbets.

Watch Triple Standard

Below you’re able to watch YouTube version of Branden Blinn’s short film. If you want to watch the full (uncut) original version, you’re able to rent it here.


Disclaimer does not get any commission of (video) rentals and/or purchases.

Photo source: Branden Blinn Media Group / Branden Blinn / Branden Blinn’s YouTube channel.

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